Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rogue Taxidermists

Today I stumbled upon the Rogue Taxidermy Sculptress Sarina Brewer's facebook fan page and immediately became fixated. I soon found out she is a co-founder of MART (Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermy), which has an interesting list of members that do all different kinds of freakish taxidermy as a controversial art-form.

These members have taken the campy feeling out of their stuffed carcass by creating new beings placed in ironic habits and giving them characteristics that are not usually attributed to their breed.

My personal favorites:

Side show artist Sarina Brewer

The aggressively gory Scott Bibus

Hybrid specialist MF Amazing

Doll master Esther Verschoor

Memento Mori taxidermist and jeweler Loved to Death

Diabolical Dioramist Mirmy Winn

I could go on.. but I think you should click on every link and explore these resurrected curiosities.



  1. That's such good stuff ! Bravo. Love The aggressively gory...

  2. Thank you for showing the work from me and the other MART members. Every one of us make our pieces with much love, therefor it is always very nice to hear the appreciation from others.