Monday, November 29, 2010

A nightly love affair

Each night for the last several months, YouTube and I have been having a love affair. If you really try, it's beyond easy to find some pretty wild videos that you would never come across normally. I feel as if a veil as been lifted from my eyes because I've acquired several new "favorite" bands that I just can not stop listening to.  I have had some help guiding my hand on this, but all the same, I've put in the (wo)man hours. Here are a few of the bands that I kind of am in love with.

Asylum Party- A French new wave band that formed in 1985 and played "a very dreamy, refined kind of post -punk." (I'm not sure what's not to love.)

Norma Loy- Another coldwave band from France that has a more apparent goth/ghostly feel to me. They apparently still have a myspace page, I think it's worth a visit.

And lastly, something much more modern that I can't help but be in love with...

Warpaint- An  experimental rock band that was described to me as "pretty girls on clouds doing weird shit" and I have to say I agree. It's just lovely. They have a Full length that came out this year called The Fool that came out on Rough Trade, as well as an EP from 2008 called Exquisite Corpse. Neither has left my musical rotation in quite a while.  I hope to catch them at Making Time this Friday.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Philly Black friday SALE as reported on bloodmilk

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**All images and content on this post besides the above come directly from

Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Friday Sale!

I will be having a 24 hour, 15% off black friday sale on my etsy shop this friday starting at midnight after thanksgiving and lasting until midnight of friday night. I will be giving out a secret code just before the sale starts on this blog and my facebook fan page to receive an additional 5% off your entire order!

Bloodmilk will be doing a very similar offer, so check out her blog and her twitter to receive her secret code!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Spooky Surf

Lately I can't stop listening to garage and surf rock, especially the late 90's SoCal bandThe Ghastly Ones.

They have a very unique "ghoulish" sound mixed with classic surf riffs. Click here to download their album "Unearthed".

Just imagine if the Misfits, The Ventures and Screaming Lord Sutch had a freaky 3-way-- The Ghastly One's would be their bastard child. I've heard their live shows are just as thrilling as their sound. Unfortunately, the have been on a hiatus so you may never be able to catch their "Hot Rod Horror" show live.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Twin Beaks

My less dark side...

In the grand scheme of things going on in my life, which, just like everyone else is indeed quite busy, I have managed to find time to teach myself to knit. I am currently working on a scarf for myself, with the intention on making at least two more for what will inevitably turn out to be, late Christmas/Hanukkah gifts.  I feel like with sites like Etsy, it makes nerding out and doing things like knitting, crocheting, and the over all habit of arts & crafts truly less nerdy quite hip. There is something that speaks to me about a hand made gift versus something casually purchased that makes me feel quite loved.  I hope that those that will receive, no matter how big of a mess, something made by me, will feel the same way. Maybe if I find the time, each will come with a mix tape/playlist made by me of songs that remind of said individual.  Apparently, I have caught the Christmas spirit slightly early this year.

Not so private shit

I love when rich, vibrant contrasting colors meet with dark black lines to form a bold and unopologetic image. One of my favorite artists whose work I envy and want to emulate is designer Richard Minino a.k.a. HorseBites. The way the colors vibrate against each other makes every image captivating, which I realize is a very strong, but very acceptable word to describe an underground artist. Of course, the devious imagery also adds to the charm of each of his many works.

Recently my good friend Tim O'Hanlon got to meet up with HorseBites. Tim makes awesome stenciled shirts and suitcases that are sooo cheap and very clever. He made a sweet tee for Minino of Rollie Fingers that can be found on the HorseBite's blog as well as a photo of Tim's sweet HorseBite's tattoo (under Thursday November 4th, 2010.)

I feel like everyone needs to own something of Tim's, and you can very easily go to his lowlevel etsy shop to do so or head out to Jinxed in Philadelphia this month to see and buy his work on display until December.

Top left and middle right-HorseBites
Bottom Left- Tim O'Hanlon

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Memento Mori

Happy Day of the Dead!

Who doesn't love dia de los muertos these days? Even I am guilty of having a sugar skull lady tattooed on me. Although the photo is not sugar skull themed it is one of my favorite almost finished dead lady tattoos that I wish was mine.

I hope that all of the dead rest in piece today and every day so that they will leave myself and others alone.


photo cred: Patt Whelan at Baker St. Tattoo Media PA

and I just made a new treasury that is dead themed so go check it out here.