Sunday, January 9, 2011

Turn of the century tattoos

Art nouveau has allusively come back as a popular art form. Art nouveau over-took the western world's architecture, furniture, advertisement, art, etc in the late 1800's until modernism exploded in the early 1900's. Artist Cris Cleen, of San Francisco, has embraced this reminiscent form as well as traditional roots of tattooing in his paintings and tattoos.

His works are styled with ornate details applied to turn of the century "pin-ups" and classic industrial era machinery in conjunction with the typical tycoons of that period. Even his more traditional style work shows that he his heavily influenced by the turn of the century. Even his color usage is in line with his reoccurring themes--they are vibrant, yet dark much like advertisement of the time. This is very similar to artist Uncle Allan, who favors similar themes.

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You can find Cris Cleen in San Francisco at Idle Hands on Haight St.


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