Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A habit I've never been able to kick...

I love food. I love eating food. I love making food. I love trying new food. I am by no means a foodie or an expert in anything, I just know what it is I like. I have a serious sweet tooth, and find it impossible to contain it either.

Tonight for dinner I decided to make stuffed porkchops(for the boy. I don't eat meat.), sweet corn, and my first attempt at making latkes.

I found a pretty easy video recipe and followed it nearly step by step.
2 lbs of red potato (peel and grate)
1 sweet onion
1 bundle(?) of scallions (A friend had suggested including scallions. It wasn't included in the recipe.)
3 eggs
S&P to taste
Garnish with apple sauce and sour cream

How To Make Latkes
Uploaded by Howcast. - Discover more college videos.

I am currently in a food coma. It was so good. Maybe a little to oily to eat on a regular basis but delicious none the less.

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