Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Site!

I will no longer be using blogger to host my blog! I hope you will all continue to follow my blog at my new website, or follow it via bloglovin'




Friday, June 3, 2011

Fresh Kills

A few weeks ago I received a Night Birds promo CD from Grave Mistake to review. The CD they sent me had EVERYTHING on it. I feel like I have already gone over my obsession with their music in previous posts so I'm not going to go all out repeating myself.


As we all know I love surf and I love punk-- so a loud, fast, horror like fusion could only be the most amazing thing I've ever heard. With sounds like Adolescent, Agent Orange, The Ghastly Ones, The Dead Kennedy's and many other great skate/surf/punk bands that have come before they are more than worth a listen. It also helps that many of their songs, especially on the Midnight Movies album, pay homage to horror B movies--another favorite. Other than that, their lyrics are filled with a vengeful hate for those around them, which is reflected in the vocals, riffs and the vocalists face while preforming. Listen to Thrilling Murder its a more than perfect example of those kind of human emotions on a bad day, at least for someone as cynical as I can be.

They really put on a great show, like I said Gorsegner's(Vocals)face and voice are filled with hate, Hunchback(Guitar) spends most of his time playing from the floor on his knees or back and somehow doesn't miss many cords, Keller(Bass/Vocals) and Mchale(Drums) do an excellent job of completing the sound.


I took this one very blury photo with my camera phone from last night's show at Asbury Lanes, where they played with T.S.O.L.


I bought the tee that matches this album. I've wanted for awhile, it is so horribly grotesque and foul! I wish I had a bigger image so you could see ever little thing that is going on in the design.

They are on tour right now so check out their tour dates on and make an effort to attend at least one show!

Also, listen to them for free on band-camp

oh, and here is me with Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L. I got him to sign Patt's book (with my name) An American Demon: A Memoir. I'm looking forward to reading it.
He's definitely getting old, but still kind of hot.