Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ugh, a whole week...

has gone by since I've written anything. It has been a pretty busy week for me. My job as opened a new office and it's become my new 9-5 home. It took a lot of preparation to get it up and running which has been quite stressful. So, in order to alleviate some of this stress I have done the following...

-Watching super old videos of The Smiths like this one
-Listening to Neil Diamond and Bob Dylan.
-Eating the best $6 tacos in all of South Philadelphia with A. and Tim.
-Dancing to The Clash and Stone Roses/Drinking PBC's Kenzinger.
-Watching Twilight.(I don't want to hear anything. This movie is so cute and you know it. Hater.)
-Trying to convince D. to go to Harry Potter tonight.He's sooo not having it.
-Making peanut butter cookies tonight. Yum!

So, besides being so excited for Harry Potter this weekend, I am also excited to see 500 Days of Summer. I'm also planning on visiting my friend, Emi this weekend in New York. I'm very excited to go Window Shopping with her and sit in the park and laugh.

I am the resurrection and I am the light.


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