Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bad Words For Truly Bad Girls

I love when you walk by a conversation at the perfect moment and just happen to catch the juiciest tidbit coming out of the wrong person’s mouth. As I was walking down the street with my boyfriend and my wifey, we happened upon a woman that had long brown hair, skin as tan as leather, and essentially was a walking spine (i.e. a spine and so skinny she looked like was missing most if not all of her vital organs.) Anyhow, so the “spine” looks square at us and then continues her conversation with some weird middle-aged man and states “It looked just like a clitoris!”

Of course we caught no other part of the conversation. What looks like a clitoris and what a great description. I decided that I’d like to place clitoris in place of every other possible curse word on the planet. Two of my new catch phrases are:

“Clitoris off!”

“Fuck, what a clitoris”

So my bad ladies with bad habits, all I am asking is that you join me in using clitoris more regularly. Its not fair that the only word of female anatomy used in a derogatory manor is cunt. We use dick, balls, cock, and taint like they are going out of style. Let’s give our lady bits a little more credit and let them get as dirty as the man parts. Girls need dirty fun too. Is that too much to ask?

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