Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bitter Bitter Sweets

If it wasn't for my good friend and fellow blogger Erin Marie I would have never stumbled upon the treasure that is Bittersweets. The woman behind the jewelry has a passion for vampires and creepy-crawlers that she sculpts and casts into tiny charms that you can proudly dangle from your ears, neck, or wrist. You'll never catch me leave the house without the bottom jaw of my baby vamp ring. Blood Milk wears the top half of the fangs on a daily basis as well. Yes, they are our vampire friendship rings.. which isn't so strange once you get to know us.
Another talented team of jewelers that i have become fond of is SkinnyDog Design. They design a range of iconic pendents and rings. If you like big detailed jewelry this is the place to go. Each piece is run through CAD and then is machine cut out of wax to be casted. This gives them the ability to keep delicate details that may not be achievable by hand. This v twin motor ring makes me want cruise around the city on an old Honda 350.. even though my brother would never let me. When and if the economy restores itself this ring will be mine.

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