Saturday, July 18, 2009

Revolution Rock

Last week I went out with 2 friends of mine. I've known the one for a few years now and I consider her to be like a sister to me. I just love everything about her. Shes so unforgiving with everything she does. Her style, her attitude, her outlook on life/art/fashion. She just knows what she wants and goes after it. Whether she realizes it or not. I think shes an amazing artist and has so much potential.
The other friend I have I've only known for a short while. He's so funny and says whatever he feels and just rolls with it. Well, this young man(he's only like 17 or something. Not really but he makes my ass feel old.) Wellllllll, this kid does NOT like the Clash. I can not get over someone just flat out not liking the clash. That feels so odd to me.
On the way to this bar we were discussing The Clash and how absurd he is and maybe he just hasnt heard enough of them to really appreciate them. Train In Vain, Koka Kola, Spanish Bombs, The Card Cheat. It just goes on and on and on.
We get to the bar and Rock The Casbah comes on and we're all drunk so we giggle and dance and giggle some more. The dj proceeds to play The Stone Roses, New Order and 3 more Clash songs. It was so much fun. I cant imagine someone not enjoying it.Hopefully that was enough for said person to look into a few Clash albums. Oh those youngins....

Onto other things...My best friend, Betsey seems to always have some sort of really great project going on, whether its her and her girl friends blog dedicated to Twifanatics and the stars of the movies or her baking endeavors with Bake or Die!(If you are in South Florida, I suggest you take a look at all my girl has to offer. PS thats like the longest run on sentence in the world.) She's just starting a new project which I think is ingenious and more people should take advantage of. It's no secret...the girl loves to shop. Shoes, bags, accessories, clothing, the list goes on. Well, as she so eloquently put it, shes THE "Recessionista" and has decided to open her closet to all who want a look in. It's called Betsey J's Closet and if you're looking for a way to be more fashion forward on a budget I think this is your lucky day. In the next few days or so the site should be up and running and I think everyone should take a look around and help my girl clean out her closet. You know you're just dying to see whats inside.

Well, this is it for now. It's only 8:37 in the morning and I'm being so nice and happy. It's going to be a good day. Now my friends just have to wake up so I can make them go bike riding with me! Have a great weekend. I will.


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