Thursday, May 26, 2011

American Hardcore Part I Mix Tape

Next Thursday, 2nd June, T.S.O.L. is playing at Asbury Lanes. I'm hoping they stick to a set-list of their earliest albums influenced by hardcore punk (mainly Dance With Me and Weathered Statues) If not I'm still excited to see Night Birds-- as usual. I think tickets are still available via ticketweb.

It is only fitting that I should make a mix tape that included T.S.O.L and a few early conspirators in the American Hardcore movement that stretched across the U.S. from LA to NY and other major cities like San Fran, Boston and D.C. in the late 70's- mid 80's.

This mix tape I started will be never ending. My absolute favorite music genre is hardcore punk, which tends to be louder, faster and heavier than most punk that was spawned before the 80's. There are so many great songs that I will slowly bring to you.

The mix tapes that I've been creating have been very short, as is this one, only because I want to be able to frequently give a bi-weekly variety of my favorite music from specific genres. Also, some of my music is .m4p format, which only will play on my computer and I need to figure out a way to change that.

You can't download America Hardcore Part 1 HERE.

Song.. Band.. Album..

01 Wrecking Crew.. Adolescents.. Adolescents
02 You Stupid Jerk.. Angry Samoans.. The Unboxed Set
03 Lexicon Devil.. The Germs.. Lexicon Devil EP
04 USA.. Reagan Youth.. A Collection of Pop Classics
05 Rise Above.. Black Flag.. Damaged
06 Final War.. Agnostic Front.. Last Warning
07 I Don't Want to Hear It.. Minor Threat.. Minor Threat EP
08 Don't Tread on Me.. Cro-Mags.. Before the Quarrel
09 Institutionalized.. Suicidal Tendencies.. Suicidal Tendencies
10 Live Fast Die Young.. Circle Jerks.. Group Sex
11 Code Blue.. T.S.O.L... Dance With Me
12 Banned in D.C... Bad Brains.. Black Dots
13 California ├╝ber alles.. Dead Kennedys.. Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

All of the songs are at different volumes, sorry!

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