Friday, April 22, 2011

I wanna be a skunk

Due to insomnia last night I discovered that one of my favorite punk-cult-classic films, "Ladies and Gentleman, The Fabulous Stains", was in the play now section of Netflix.


I'm sure everyone who has seen this 80's gem can say they have been inspired by Corrine Burns, the heroin, in some way or another. If you have not seen it, especially any ladies, you MUST drop everything you are doing and watch it right this instant.

I put together a modern "skunk" look with some of my favorite designers and products, along with some new finds that were very specific to achieve the look of Corrine Burns, her band-mates and her devote fans.

First, you need the right hair and make-up.


Left to Right

Manic Panic-Flashing Lightning Bleaching Kit.
Found: Manic Panic

Stila- Long Wear Lip Liner- Passionate
Found: Sephora
*For lips and eyes

Smashbox- Jet Set Water Proof Eyeliner-Midnight Black
Found: Sephora
* Use with Arched Eyeliner Brush by Smashbox

Nars- Lipstick- Fire Down Below
Found: Sephora

Clairol- Nice 'N Easy- Natural Blue Black
Found: Clairol
*Doesn't fade so you just have to touch up your roots with Clairol Root Touch-up

Dior- Dior Show Mascara- Black
Found: Sephora

Now the complete outfit-- two looks that are mostly interchangeable.


Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony- Mary Ellen Clog Booties
Found: Shop Bop

OkOk- Nylon Knee High Socks- Red
Found: Revolve Clothing
*Worn scrunched down or to the knee

Mutant Vintage- 50's Red Nylon Blouse
Found: Mutant Vintage on Etsy

Toxic Vision- NAMM Collection- Star Studded Bikini Bottoms
Found: Toxic Vision on Etsy
*I would love to have the top too!


ShyShy- Eyelet Tights
Found: Yes Style

MinkPink- Swiss Dot Blouse
Found: Nasty Gal
*In the 24 hours that I found this *NEW* blouse it's sold out, but I can settle for MinkPink's Good for Nothing Mesh Shirt

Toxic Vision- NAMM Collection- Red Hot Leather n Lace Studded Bodysuit
Found: Toxic Vision on Etsy

Christian Louboutin- Mad Mary Janes
Found/still available at: Discount Louboutin Shop
*I'm not sure if this site makes legit Louboutin's, but I've wanted Mad Mary's since they came out YEARS ago. I never could never afford them until this I found this site. I'll let you know if I test the waters at this discount shop.

Enjoy and "Don't put out!"


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