Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chick-Rock Mixtape!

I've been wanting to start making mix tapes for this blog and I was inspired by the painting of Soo Catwoman, legendary punk icon, that Patt recently made. So we(Patt and I) put together an all female fronted, punk mix tape that you can download here.


Song Title..Artist..Album

1.Laura and Marty..Screaming Females..Castle Talk
2.Swing Low..The Gossip..That's Not What I Heard
3.Troublemaker..Shannon and The Clams..I Wanna Go Home
4.Another Shot of Whiskey..Gits..Frenching The Bully
5.You Drive Me Wild..The Runaways..The Runaways
6.I Believe in Me..Avengers..We Are The One
7.A Certain Cemetery..Pretty Girls Make Graves..The New Romance
8.Teenage Rules..The Donnas..Greatest Hits Volume 16
9.Los Angeles..X..Los Angeles

And if you are local to Philadelphia and around on Saturday Boogie Brains, a female fronted punk rock-a-billy, surf band, will be playing at Danger Danger. Hopefully I will make it, if not maybe Patt will grab their record for me and I can include it in a surf mix tape for a later post. If not here is a youtube of them preforming "Cryberry".

I really hope I can make this show.


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