Monday, November 8, 2010

Not so private shit

I love when rich, vibrant contrasting colors meet with dark black lines to form a bold and unopologetic image. One of my favorite artists whose work I envy and want to emulate is designer Richard Minino a.k.a. HorseBites. The way the colors vibrate against each other makes every image captivating, which I realize is a very strong, but very acceptable word to describe an underground artist. Of course, the devious imagery also adds to the charm of each of his many works.

Recently my good friend Tim O'Hanlon got to meet up with HorseBites. Tim makes awesome stenciled shirts and suitcases that are sooo cheap and very clever. He made a sweet tee for Minino of Rollie Fingers that can be found on the HorseBite's blog as well as a photo of Tim's sweet HorseBite's tattoo (under Thursday November 4th, 2010.)

I feel like everyone needs to own something of Tim's, and you can very easily go to his lowlevel etsy shop to do so or head out to Jinxed in Philadelphia this month to see and buy his work on display until December.

Top left and middle right-HorseBites
Bottom Left- Tim O'Hanlon

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