Monday, November 8, 2010

My less dark side...

In the grand scheme of things going on in my life, which, just like everyone else is indeed quite busy, I have managed to find time to teach myself to knit. I am currently working on a scarf for myself, with the intention on making at least two more for what will inevitably turn out to be, late Christmas/Hanukkah gifts.  I feel like with sites like Etsy, it makes nerding out and doing things like knitting, crocheting, and the over all habit of arts & crafts truly less nerdy quite hip. There is something that speaks to me about a hand made gift versus something casually purchased that makes me feel quite loved.  I hope that those that will receive, no matter how big of a mess, something made by me, will feel the same way. Maybe if I find the time, each will come with a mix tape/playlist made by me of songs that remind of said individual.  Apparently, I have caught the Christmas spirit slightly early this year.

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