Saturday, October 9, 2010

My private world of darkness

I recently made my first treasury on etsy, view it here.

Thanks to etsy I will soon be the proud owner of these three things:

Minxshop (bottom left and right images) makes beautiful vintage inspired clothing. She was recently a featured seller on etsy, which is how I found her and boldly ask her if she wanted to trade. I will probably never take either one of these items off, especially since these are my first clothing buy in years (YES YEARS.. sort of)

AdriLaw (top) sells some finds, such as boots and belts, as well as jewelry made with acrylic. I've always wanted to make a pair of silver dangling inverted cross earrings with multiple crosses, but she beat me to it with a material that is easier to reproduce. I'm very jealous!

Tomorrow Bloodmilk and I are going to do a photo-shoot together in Laurel Hill Cemetery. I'm hoping we catch some ghosties in our images!


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