Thursday, October 21, 2010

As a child, I was always interested in the darker things of life. I can remember having seances with my friend and her sister, constantly hearing creepy stories about the house my aunt lived in, and convincing myself I had seen “something” that may or may not have been there. I suppose most of this stemmed from a book my now late uncle gave me, The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tale's. As a youth,having these very dark fairy tales read to me, really stirred something in my imagination. I found EdgarAllan Poe early on as well. There has been a serious love affair between the two of us ever since. From his engaging writing, to his very controversial life choices, he has just interested me more than most others.

For six years, Poe, his wife Virgina, and mother-in-law, lived on North 7th St. He is said to have written several works while here including, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Masque of Red Death, and Murders In The Morgue. It is also said that he started The Raven during that period.

You can actually take a tour of the house he called home. It sits at 532 North 7th Street and can be visited Wednesday-Sunday from 9a-5p. The tour offers your information about his life and a look at several of his works on loan. I feel like this is something I am going to have to drag my dear friend Adelina to soon in the near future.

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