Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Death to All Traitors

Death/Traitors has a new Fall 10 line out now! We will be putting in our order in at JINXED very, very soon. If you are in Philly stop by within the next few weeks to purchase some tee's from the new line (or some from the previous line that we currently carry!) If you can't wait (I can't) you can order it directly through Death/Traitors shop.

At the helm of Death/Traitors is unholy printmaker Alexander Heir who founded this underground clothing line in 2007. He illustrates and hand prints the wicked designs seen on all Death/Traitors' merchandise in his Brooklyn apartment. If you check out his website you will find more ghastly prints, show flyers and cover art to admire.

More to admire is Alexis Gross' recent photo shoot with Death/Traitors new line (right and below). The sinister photo below is one of my favorites from the shoot --it captures Gross' and Death/Traitors' aesthetic: diabolical, supernatural and very metal!


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