Friday, February 25, 2011

birthdays, brews, and bones

I'm absolutely in love with "BAR" on 13th and Sansom Street in Center City, Philadelphia. It's almost the perfect dive bar, their clientele can be a little douchey on a Saturday night. On draft you can get your cheap dive standards for $3 a pint: Lions head, Yeungling, Bud, Miller Lite, etc. Honestly I'd prefer to have a pint water than pay for any of these, but I'm a beer snob. For those like me, they have a few local craft brews on draft for an extra dollar or two. And if you don't like anything they have on draft they have an extensive draft list: PBR pounders to my favorite 8%-er, Gordon by Oscar Blues.

Bar is small, but luckily it has two floors to escape the Chads and Brads. The second floor is a game room with a dart board, foosball table and pool table, but no taps--just cans and picklebacks.

What is a pickleback you ask? Well, it is the most delicious way to chase that awful taste of cheep whiskey. It's brilliant--it's tasty and it even helps with hangovers! Just ask how to cure a hangover. (Hilarious!)

But be careful, (A lot of) picklebacks could turn a good birthday bad. One minute I was a happy drunk unable to say the "pledge of allegiance" in order to get a pass to drink more. Then the next thing I remember is the crack of my skull against the sidewalk and drunkenly crying over my hurt finger. Apparently I cried for over an hour even though I only remember seconds of it.

When I woke up, I was mildly hung over (thanks to the picklebacks!) with a humongous left hand (thanks to the shots that came with the pickebacks). Nothing is broken, just hurts A LOT and the hospital is making me wear a splint, which is earning me a few extra tips at work. Unfortunately, I will have to put off my new jewelry line for a few more weeks. Ugh...

But I got my x-rays... sort of..

The x-ray printer was down at the hospital so I only got a disc that cannot read the large images just the small ones:

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