Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flavor of the week...

So, a couple of ideas that the girls and I had were to have a Flavor of the Day/Week/Month in reference to new beers that we've tried. (Let's face it, too many snoody bia's are "cocktail only" drinkers.) I am an equal opportunity drinker.

Christina and I went to Dock Street Brewery at 50th and Baltimore in the heart of West Philly.
(Our girl A. Mictlan works there. I'll let her tell ya'll how sweet this place is. But I'm tellin you know, try ANY of the pizza's. So yum.) We both ordered a pint of Honey Wheat. Let me tell you know, after one I had a pretty fun buzz on. After my second, I couldnt stop giggling at everything.

The description on the menu read as follows, "Abv. 6.9% 17 IBU's. Whear beer brewed with 120 lbs of Pa sourced wildflower honey and spiced with corriander and dried curacao. Bubble gum and hops in the nose. Passion fruit and grass up front, grainy in the middle, with a dry spicy finish."

I absolutely love that you could smell the corriander and got a definite spy kick after each sip. Totally lovely on Tuesday evening. I fully recommend a pint(or several) of this yum beer.*

*I am by nooooo means a beer connoisseur . This is just my lowly opinion.

I'd love to hear about other bars/brews I should try.

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