Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A myth of devotion

So, after over a year we are back! Erin and I were very disappointed after our blogging partnership dissolved after a few short posts. This time we PROMISE to keep this blog updated with style, art, music, and other interests (or irritants) that we may have at any certain time.

Would it be selfish if my re-entry into the bad habits blog was an about me?

I am finally a Moore graduate with a BFA in 3D Fine Arts, which means nothing except I was able to goof off for 4 years. I did learn some valuable skills like how to make videos, make jewelry, weld and I could probably build a house.
I still make videos, sort of. Right now I am collaboratively working on a rockumenatary about air-bands- yes, like air-guitar but an entire band. This short film is an satire about 4 young girls looking for immediate gratification in the music world. I'm pretty excited about this project and will probably post it here when it is finished.
My other collaborative video's can be found here.
I also still make jewelry. I sell it a JINXED in the Piazza and here on etsy. I guess I could best explain my pieces as macabre. Recently I have discovered that men like my jewelry more than women, maybe it is because most of them could be deadly to others when a punch is thrown. If I could only get them to buy it for themselves or their lady friends, when it comes to my things I would consider myself a terrible sales person-unless I'm drunk.

Other than that, I live in Philadelphia and I have two jobs: the first at Dock St. and the second at JINXED. Dock Street has THE BEST pizza I have ever eaten in Philadelphia. Also, their beer, or mainly the RYE IPA, has spoiled me to the point where I wont drink any other beer- craft brewed or not. JINXED is in a really bad location but has amazing things like vinyl toys, sweet tee's, and great vintage finds. I would recommend checking both of those places out.

That's probably enough about myself (Bad Habit #1), but it is a good start to a hopefully successful blog..

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